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Hi there! We're Kimberly and Nathan Halzen.

We do a lot of animal-related stuff. Our "day jobs" are running our company Hedgehog Precision, where we produce and sell specialized hedgehog diets and supplies worldwide. 

We also fill our days with lots of animal care, customer education, etc. in the categories below!


I'm not entirely sure how, but we also manage to foster and volunteer with a local dog rescue, work part time in vet med, and travel every chance we get in order to experience species in their natural habitats.

Breeding Programs

Raising pets in an ethical, responsible way is both one of the most fun, and one of the most emotionally exhausting things we do. We took a break from breeding hedgehogs from 2019-2022 and are excited to jump back into things this year.

We have pet breeding programs for these species:

  • Four-toed hedgehogs / African pygmy hedgehogs (APH)

  • Long-eared hedgehogs (LEH)

  • Fancy Rats

  • Fancy Mice

  • Rosy Boas

Rescues & Rehomes

We've been an open-door rescue for hedgehogs since 2009! Telos is the only approved Hedgehog Welfare Society rescue station in Nebraska.

We also accept surrendered small/exotic pets on a case-by-case basis. If you need to surrender a pet to a responsible person or rescue, we are happy to direct you to someone else who can help if we are unable to.

We often make custom enclosure builds for surrendered pets, which they live in with us or take with them to their new home! 


We've provided in-home dog boarding services for a long time, but only recently started offering them again in Omaha - we're listed on Rover!

We provide boarding services for hedgehog owners in the Omaha area as well. We know how stressful it can be to leave your hedgie in someone's care, and love being able to provide the reassurance that your hedgie is warm, safe, and under expert supervision. Plus, you know their wheel will actually get washed!


Psst - we're still learning. We all are! That's one of the greatest things about animal care - we're all striving to learn more and do better. Wherever you are on that journey, we're glad you're here. We love to share the things that we've learned over the years.

For hedgehog care, that mainly comes to our care books and resources provided at Hedgehog Precision

For other species, especially enrichment and bioactive enclosure topics, we're adding posts here. If I had my way, I'd have dozens of posts up already. But my squirrel brain says that writing a post is * A Ton Of Stress * so they tend to come slowly.


We vend at local reptile and exotics expos, as well as occasional rescue / pet events!

You can check our Events page to see where we'll be vending next.

Raising Feeders, CUC, Plants, +

We raise dubia roaches, mice, rats, snails, firebrats, guppies, black soldier fly larvae, and more as feeders! We partner with a great local company for mealworms and beetles. Though it's more time and resource intensive, I much prefer to know exactly where our animals' food comes from - and that it was raised humanely. This also gives me the chance to put extra effort into their nutritional content, and sustainable sourcing for their food. Same goes for our cleanup crew species like isopods and springtails!

I also love the huge variety that plants come in, and enjoy propagating species that do well in bioactive setups. I try to keep a variety on hand for whenever someone is looking for safe plant options.

Enclosure Builds

One of the most fun things about having a pet is providing them with opportunities to engage in their natural behaviors! We love having the chance to build and set up custom enclosures that are species-specific. I have a few builds documented so far that you can view under Husbandry Projects

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