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We have all sizes of dubia available year-round for our customers in the Omaha area! We only pull roaches once an order comes in, so they come straight from our active, well fed colonies.

We also ship throughout the US (FL excluded) through our sister company Hedgehog Precision.

Wholesale/bulk sales are an option for people looking for over 500ct or ~$150 per order. Reach out and ask for pricing if you think you fall into this category!

How to place an order: 

Easiest is to shoot me a text (5o3-877-3581) and tell me the count and size(s) you want. Once I confirm when we can meet for pickup, I'll plan to pull them that day or the night before. You can also email me at with your order. We currently take Venmo or cash for payment - thanks!

Live Dubia Pricing

XS / S

$10 for 100ct

$15 for 200ct

$30 for 500ct


$20 for 100ct

$35 for 200ct

$60 for 400ct


$15 for 50ct

$25 for 100ct

$40 for 200ct


$25 for 50ct

$40 for 100ct

$60 for 200ct


$20 for a set of 4 males, 16 females

$0.50ea for adult males (culls with bad sheds or ugly wings)

$1.50ea for adult females

Want to start your own colony? We offer a steeply discounted starter pack which includes 20 adults + 200g of mixed size juvies for $50. :) Add another 20 adults for only $10.

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