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This page is more or less a reference of what we have to offer for sale or trade - aside from dedicated breeding programs, lots of species we keep are easily propagated to share with others! If you're looking for something in particular, just ask - if we don't have it we can probably point you to a good source. 

Visit our Events page to see what we'll be bringing to the next local expo!

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Hedgehogs - details here!

Pet Mice - Various gorgeous mice to choose from. Tricolors, merles, satins, texels, etc! $3-5/ea depending on the number you're getting. 

Pet Rats - Some stunning, friendly babies available! We have black eyed whites, hairless, silvermane, blues and lilacs, lots of dumbos, etc. $8-30/ea depending on the number you're getting, and coat type.


Feeders / CUC

These are all available year round, pricing dependent on supply and amount requested. 

Dubia Roaches

Mice and Rats

Mealworms, darkling beetles



Isopods, Millipedes, and Springtails



Ask if there's anything you're looking for cuttings or starts of!

Our stock varies - ask in advance if you'd like to browse during a visit, or check out what we have at the next expo!




I'll be adding a store to the website soon, where our supplies will be listed!

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