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March 2024 Sales/Availability @ Telos Exotics

Hello Omaha customers! Here's an overview of what we have available currently and are expecting to have at upcoming events. Most noteworthy right now is that we have dubia on sale, and clawed frogs available!

For our regular feeder customers, please note that we'll be out of town March 19th to 22nd, so please plan for pickups before the 19th if you'll need something in that time!

We will be vending the Coldblooded Expo in Bellevue on 3-24 and the Nebraska Reptile Breeder's Expo on 4-14. We're always happy to bring prepaid orders along for pickup.


African Clawed Frogs - $10/ea, or $5/ea if you'd like 4 or more without a replacement guarantee. If buying pets at $10/ea, we'll provide a replacement if your frog passes away unexpectedly in the first month. Small amphibians are fragile and we know it's heartbreaking but not uncommon to lose one. Here's a quick Care Sheet.

American Toad - Considering letting one of our extra males from last summer go to a pet home. They are incredible pets and probably the most fun amphibians I've ever kept. Inquire if interested, will only send him home after screening care/setup. $40 CBB subadult male. [I'll add a photo of him]

Ivory Millipedes - Various sizes available! $5/ea or $20/5. Great for a Florida-themed terrarium.

Hedgehogs - Hoping we have successful litters soon (due ~3-29), would be ready to go home late May.

Emerald Tree Skinks - Should have a few CBB juveniles available at upcoming shows!

Kenyan Sand Boa - Should have one little baby (anery het albino) available at upcoming shows!

Feeders & Inverts

Dubia Roaches - On sale! Steep discount reflects the fact that I'm not meticulously sorting by size & therefore counts (while still generous) will vary.

  • Mediums (w/some larges) 200ct for $20 (normally $35)

  • Larges (w/some XL) 100ct for $15 (normally $25), 200ct for $25 (normally $40)

  • Extra Larges 100ct for $25 (normally $40), 200ct for $40 (normally $60)

  • Adults, Males $0.25/ea and Females $0.50/ea ($10 minimum please)

Size reference for each above category, in 6qt bins

Frozen Clawed Frogs - $5/ea, normally packaged 3-5 per cup. Size equivalent of pinky mice / fuzzy mice. Great for dietary diversity for snakes that naturally do not eat rodents.

Frozen Mice/Rats - I'll need to check the freezer...

Live Mice/Rats - Pretty sold out on rats, but have a fair variety of mice available currently. Generally $1-3/ea depending on size.

Springtails - Lots! $5/culture, white springtails, silver springtails, or mixed.

Isopods - Lots! I'll make an updated list of available species.


We'll be having a used reptile supply "garage sale" in April! I'll post about it. We'll have a variety of enclosures, accessories, decor, light fixtures, substrates, etc. up for grabs along with a pile of misc "free stuff" to sort through that we don't need to keep.


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