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Omaha Area Exotic Vets

A 7 week old hedgehog on a fabric pouch, on a veterinary exam table.

We've put together this reference to help hedgehog owners find good vets in this area, but many of the vets listed here will see and treat other exotics as well!

While we try to keep this list up to date, the clinics or locations may not be accurate. I recommend double checking the location and doctor(s) on staff before scheduling an appointment.

Please note: We do not necessarily endorse or recommend any person or clinic listed below. We've compiled feedback and experiences that hedgehog owners have shared with us to provide this list as a reference only.

Choosing a Veterinarian

Finding the right vet to see your hedgehog (or other exotic pet) can be difficult! Unless a veterinarian has a specific interest and background in exotics medicine, their ability to assess, diagnose, and treat exotics will be limited compared to someone who treats exotics regularly. Keep in mind that your overall experience relies on the clinic atmosphere and the skills of the technicians and assistants there as well. Finding a good doctor is most important, but their support staff are crucial too!

Omaha Area

Merkwan Veterinary Services - Dr. Matt Merkwan

Website Based in Bellevue, NE (house calls available) Current 2023 clinic location in Gretna, NE This the main vet we use!

Best Care Pet Hospital - Dr. Michael Bosilevac

Website Omaha, NE (near L St. and 30th) Dr. Bosilevac is their main exotics vet, but others there may also see hedgehogs.

Southpaw Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Trenton Shrader

Website Omaha, NE (near Q St. and 192nd)

The Pet Clinic - Dr. Michelle Hanna

Website Omaha, NE (near Center Rd and 144th)

Bellevue Animal Hospital - Dr. Linda Rock-Paul


Bellevue, NE (near Cornhusker Rd and 25th)

Lincoln Area

Cotner Pet Care - Dr. Kara Breinin

Website Lincoln, NE

Out of Town Recommendations

Vital Animal Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Lisa Coder

Sioux Falls, SD

Have a doctor or clinic you'd like to see listed here? Please shoot us an email!


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